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Friday, September 30, 2011

Finished at Last

Well, it seems it took an eternity equal to the entire sea, but my ocean piece is done.  I really got hung up on the foreground for a long time.  The greens I used were too bright and the eye would just get stuck there.  I wanted the horizon to be the focal point and the foreground took that away.  I finally dulled all the colors down using Shiva paintsticks in dark navy, brown and various greens.  I also wanted lots of small yellow flowers amidst the grasses.  They had to go.  Again, they were too bright and pulled the eye to the foreground.  I dulled the large rock on the left, as well.  

I'm pretty happy with the end result mostly because I had a September 30 deadline to get it done.  It has been entered in the Oregon SAQA show Oregon: Sate of Diversity.  As one of the organizers of the show, it would look embarrassing to not even get my entry finished.  So, we'll see if the jurors pick it or not.   Here's a detail shot of some of the stitching.

Thursday, September 15, 2011


I often apply to Calls to Artists for art galleries, not just quilt show entries.  I did recently get an acceptance letter to the Umpqua Valley Arts Association Center.  The theme of the show is Text Us, where text was supposed to be the main design element.  I submitted this one piece and it made the cut.  Hooray!  I'm always happy when I make it into a traditional gallery setting.  After quilts can be ART, too.  It's just a different medium for expression.

The title of this is "Just Read Between the Lines, Dear".  It is meant to be hung so it can be viewed from both sides.  Here's an image of the back side and a detail shot of that same side.