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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Back to This Again?

Well, so much for posting more often this year.  Moving is quite a disrupting experience.  All the painting I did in the old house was fun and now I get to do it again.  These paint swatches are my latest test strips.

The two largest patches were colors I used in my former house.  They look so different now.  The yellow-green on the left is the Wasabi color that is shown in my previous post on paint colors.  The goldish color on the right was much more green looking in the old house but there was less light coming in the windows.  Also, isn't it interesting how the mint green behind the samples makes them seem even more yellow?

Learning about color is a fascinating study.  Just like any other skill, color perception and understanding can be learned and honed.  Even as a quilt artist, I take color classes whenever I can.  I also have a small library of color theory books for artists.  I often encourage others to learn about color and how they influence each other, and, even how they can influence human moods.  

I'm thinking I like the Wasabi color once again but I won't really know how it looks until the whole wall is painted.  Time of day and how it plays with the plant colors outside the window will be part of the final decision.  Fortunately this is only one small wall.

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