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Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Days Just Fly By!

Yes, they do, but they sure can be fun!  After a very cool, wet start, most days have been a perfect summer this year: low 50s at night and low to mid 80s in the day.  I haven't done much sewing or quilting, I must confess.  My garden at my "new" house is coming along really, really well.  I'm loving the colors and textures that are starting to emerge.  Here's the latest finished part.  The stone walkway was the last part to go in.  This following picture is what this part of the yard looked like almost exactly a year ago when I first started the rework of the back yard and the last picture is what it looked like when I bought the house.  Look out Home and Garden magazine!
Here's another before and after view standing with the vegetable garden to my back.  Still need to lay more gravel on this pathway but the plants are looking pretty happy.

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