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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Just Havin' Some Fun!

I had so many projects due right before Christmas that I've been feeling a little burnt out lately.  Also, I have absolutely no looming deadlines, for a change!  (Well, only if I choose to submit to an artist call in the next month or so.)  Usually, I'm madly finishing some project or the other and thinking how am I going to get this finished, bind it, label it, make the cover bag and still get any sleep this week?  It's so nice to have a bit of a "breather".  

While I'm deciding what my next project should be, I decided to take a fun class that has be calling me for some time now.  It is a class in making a footstool, a Turban Footstool, as the class is titled.   Here is my almost finished circle.  7 of the 8 wedges are assembled and I'm auditioning which fabrics to use for the last wedge.  I made this using only leftovers from the butcher aprons I make for an annual Christmas bazaar so the fabric weight is heavier than regular quilting cotton.  It should hold up nicely over time.

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