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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

7 x 10 Inches

My little 7" x 10" quilt is done.  It is a submission to SAQA's traveling trunk show.  It is for sale but if it doesn't sell at the end of the 3-year run, I might be getting it back.  I like it so it would be fine if that happens. I am calling the piece The Space In Between.  I wish I could photograph it better but the polyester wants to reflect light and that washes out the color a bit.

It's a little different technique for me.  It was printed using heat-set disperse dye on polyester.  The first layer of dye was simply a black splatter.  Over that I layered a section of olive green and a section of golden yellow.  I've had the piece of fabric for about 3 years and never quite knew what to do with it, mainly because it was only about 8.5" by 11".  SAQA asked that these little pieces measure 7" by 10", so there you go.  I embellished it by hand sewing a selection of rayon cords, a vintage metallic braid and glass beads.  It is machine quilted with rayon and a Japanese metallic silk thread.

My statement about the piece:  As humans we occupy only a small percentage of the Earth's surface.  However, our impact on the Earth is significant.  We are a very busy species.

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