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Thursday, April 2, 2015

SAQA and Fiberlandia

It's only a few weeks away!  SAQA's (Studio Art Quilt Associates) national conference is coming to Portland, April 30 through May 2.  All the Oregon members are excited to have the conference in our own part of the world.  These conferences are a great time to connect with any folks whose names we have seen in publications over the years but never met in person and reconnect with old acquaintances.  Many new friendships are made and everyone goes home re-energized to keep creating and networking.

The little quilt pictured above is my donation to the fund-raising auction that will be held the weekend of the conference.  It is small, just 6" by 8" and will have a mat around it for the auction.  I called it Fiberlandia in honor of the conference being held here in Willamette Valley country.  This could easily be a scene from the Hood River Valley, just east of Portland, as well.  I'm hoping the bidding will be high on this piece since I made it to complement the 12 badges I am also making for the local volunteers to wear.

These are even smaller than the donation quilt.  They will be about 3" square when finished.  I'm still trying to decide how I will put the lettering on.  I'd like to have it on a piece of white silk organza (attached just on the edges) so it could be removed later if the recipient wanted it to keep as a little piece of art.  I'll see how that goes once the main stitching is finished on each piece.  Hopefully, they will be desirable enough to generate a lot of bidding on the larger piece.


Jeanne Marklin said...

Very nice piece and I love that the volunteers will be wearing your art! Whoever wins it at the auction will have the perfect memory to take home from the conference. Wish I could be there to see it in person - and you as well.

Vivian Helena said...

looks good, was on SAQA where you asked the question.. what I also like is an easier way to sign up for blogs being sent directly to me.
I also like the I'm not a robot... will have to check mine and see if that happens with mine also.. looking good. vivian

Laura Jaszkowski said...

Jeanne, I am sorry you won't be in Portland but I understand. I didn't make it to last year's conference all the way over on the other coast. Maybe next year it will be at a half way point where we can reconnect in person.

Laura Jaszkowski said...

Thanks for your comments, Vivian. The business of blogging has a bit of a learning curve, for sure. I only recently figured out how to add an easier way to follow my blog but the "I'm not a robot" feature was added way back when I started blogging. I wish I could tell you how to find it but I think it should be where you edit how your comments page will appear to visitors.