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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Earthly Treasures show

The show that I and three other artist friends, Terry Grant, Mary Goodson and Chris Brown, have been working toward is finally here. Earthy Treasures was our chosen title since we each are inspired so closely by our Pacific Northwest environment.  Twigs Gallery is part of the Stitchin' Post quilt shop in charming Sisters, Oregon.  This is where the popular Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show is held every year.  
The artists reception for our show is on July 22 and runs through August 25.  I know we have been all working steadily, since at least the first of the year, so it is a nice feeling of accomplishment to have everything hung and ready in the gallery.  Here are a couple of pieces that I produced for the show and the inspiration photo following. All but one of these are 12" by 12" in size.

Morning Light 
The photo for this was taken driving on Interstate 5 early one morning.  I just took a quick shot through the rainy car window. It is amazing what phone cameras can capture.

High Mountain Pass
 This picture was taken at a rest stop at the top of the Santiam Pass in the Fall.  A forest fire burned a very large part of this area a few years ago leaving many charred trees. Some of them are now being bleached by constant exposure to the sun and harsh winter weather.  It creates quite an amazing scene of contrasts especially when the vine maple turns fiery red and orange. Mt. Washington is on the horizon.

Here are two more pieces made for this show. I hope to see some friends there!


Prairie III



Joanna said...

Beautiful job, Laura! You created an amazing sky in "Morning Light" and I liked the way you placed highlights on the treetops. Like you, I've been so intrigued by the landscape on Santiam Pass resulting from the B&B Complex Fire. I always think of those bleached-out dead trees as "ghost trees" and I appreciate how you showed their contrast against the blackened tree silhouettes and the fiery vine maples. Very clever stitching you used for the ground cover -- it looks velvety. My favorite was "Prairie III." It is poetic in its simplicity (ooh, doesn't that sound like something a real reviewer would say?!!) -- everything about it is understated, from the few careful lines of quilting in the sky to the graceful curve of the grasses playing against the horizontal lines of the wire fence and the vertical line of the weathered post. Beautiful simplicity! Thank you for sharing.

Laura Jaszkowski said...

Joanna, I just now saw this comment from you, although you are right, it is written more as a reviewer would write. Thank you for your kind and observant comments. I might quote you someday. Ha!