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Monday, September 14, 2009

Travel Inspiration

The last post mentioned color inspiration from my travels. This color combination of pumpkin with dark green shutters was everywhere in Italy in 2007. It must have been the latest fashion in house colors.

This next image was found on a back street in Venice so bold color combination is nothing new either. I loved the texture on these walls as much as I loved the rich colors.

I wouldn't recommend adding stripes to wall decor but my hats off to the painter that did this.

Do you suppose the person who painted this wall knew what the bougainvillea would look like when it was in bloom? I hope so. It wouldn't be hard to find this house.

Okay, now we're just getting silly!

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Terry said...

When I saw that first photo I was sure it was Mexico! I have photos from Oaxaca that are almost identical. I think we (Americans) are awfully conservative about how we paint our houses. If someone in the neighborhood paints a wild and crazy color everyone thinks they have no taste, yet we travel and love the rich colors of other countries! Go figure...