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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Welcome to My Home

Summer can go by so quickly that I sometimes feel like I missed it. I have not felt that effect quite as dramatically this year, but time has blurred, nevertheless. It's been raining the last few days and the evenings get chilled almost as fast as the sun slides below the horizon. Ahhh, time to blog once again.

By now some of you may have noticed I enjoy color. Studying color has provided endless fascination and new learning opportunities for me. I LOVE strong color combination and, the more unusual the better. I can't make any claims to being a color expert but I have been having fun putting color on the walls of my house lately. There's joy in color, too. Here is the first wall you see upon entering my home. Enjoy the tour.

I really went for warm and bold in the bedroom. I should say that I have not painted these colors on all four walls of the room. Each room gets only one accent wall. The rest are painted a light taupe that stands nicely next to the bolder colors.

I'm very influenced in my color choices by some of the traveling that I have enjoyed over the years. The colors of southern France and northern Italy were so powerful and, in some cases, exaggerated, that I couldn't wait to bring those same tones into my everyday life. The kitchen wall got a nice coat of what I can only call Provence yellow.

I went for a little quieter tone in the living room, but no less dramatic. Who doesn't like chocolate?

Wasabi green. Nice name. Great color. This one got onto more than one wall. When the long rainy days of an Oregon winter get here, I'll be ready with inside sunshine.

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Gerrie said...

Lovely home, Laura!