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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Now for Something Completely Different

Here's the second piece that I made for the Line Dance show. This one is titled The Green Flash and was inspired by the natural phenomenon that can be observed just at the sun sets over tropical waters. I have watched for it in various parts of the world but have never been lucky enough to actually see it happen.

This quilt was made using a technique that is a little different for me since I usually use raw edge applique, with pre-printed fabric, to build a scene. Over time I have been learning to create my own fabric using thickened fabric dye (Procion brand). By thickening the dye it can be painted on just as paint onto a canvas. It can also be used through a silk screen to create an image with a crisper edge. Once the dye is applied, it can also be taken away using a discharge paste. This is similar to what bleach would do but it is a different chemical action. I used both techniques in this piece.

This next image is a close-up of the some of the stitching detail. No matter whether I am using purchased fabric, or fabric I produced myself, I rarely skimp on the stitching. It is my favorite part of the whole process. Although free-motion stitching is the most useful, you can see some use of programmed stitches from my sewing machine to form the textures of the coral.

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