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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Green Tomato Summer?

Well, it's been a weird August in my part of Oregon. First, we had a string of blazing, record-setting hot days. Now, we're having cool, cloudy mornings. I don't think I will get more than a handful of ripe tomatoes off my plants at this rate. Good thing the framer's markets are in full swing.

Here is an art quilt I made in early spring when I was anticipating the fresh tastes of summer. I call it Fresh Vegetables. It was made for a show titled Line Dance which required each piece to have a lime green line running through it. It is constructed using my most common method: raw edge applique. I will have more on this in future posts. I had fun picking out a wide variety of printed fabrics to make each vegetable have a unique personality.

Here is a detail of how I stitched some of the roots. The stitching is always fun for me because that is when the detail really gets added. I do this using free-motion stitching using either straight or zig zag stitches.

Here's another detail shot showing how the carrot tops were put in, again using free-motion stitching. Who says you can't have your vegetables and eat them too? I'll be able to enjoy these even in the cold of winter.


Terry said...

Our tomatoes are teeny and not too many of them, but so delicious! Nothing better than tomatoes from the garden. I love this quilt, which is even better in person. Happy to help with the upload questions. The blog looks great!

My word verification word is "prant". Suppose they meant "plant"?

Laura Jaszkowski said...

Hmmm...maybe it's a new way to describe an Oregon gardener. We're not sure whether to plant or rant when we have summers like this.