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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Brand New Blogger

Today is the day I started my blog. I am looking forward to sharing my passion in life - creating art from fabric. Sometimes I use commercially printed fabrics, and sometimes I create my own using dye or paint or both. The best part of any piece, though, is when I add texture with the stitching. I love the time spent sitting with my sewing machine, filling the empty palette with thread colors. I often liken it to a zen experience. Time melts away and the process of creating is all that surrounds me. Often I pick music that complements the mood of the piece I'm working on. It seems that nothing can bring me back to the present short of the fading light of the day.

So, come along with me and see what will emerge from my studio over time. I will also post pictures of previous work. Let's have fun!


Sara Jaszkowski said...

This is a beautiful piece! I love the texture in the camel...I am so impressed by what you are able to do with fabric and thread. You are an incredible artist! I'm excited to follow your work. Love you Laura!

Ralph T. said...

Your web site looks terrific. The Quercus work is very nice and shows real well. Ralph T.