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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Autumn is Upon Us

Well, most of the trees in my yard have shaken off their leaves for the year. The deep colors took a while to develop but in the end, Nature didn't disappoint. The reds and yellows lit up the inside of my house when the sun did shove the rain clouds aside. It's no wonder so many of us think this time of year is magical. My mother always has favorite trees that she watches go through their cycle each year, but especially in Fall when they are in full color.

The trees in this quilt were inspired by a much larger grove that grows near a local wetland and lake. This piece is made entirely with silk fabrics - mainly dupionni but also some pieces of shantung and noil. The printed piece in the sky is a very special piece of 4-ply silk that was hand-stamped and painted by textile designer Lonni Rossi. It is free-motion stitched using rayon thread.

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