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Friday, December 11, 2009

Baby, It's WAY Too Cold Outside!

The freezing rain tonight, after many days of below 32 degree temps, make me miss the days of warmth, regardless of season. In Oregon we usually enjoy comfortable temperatures all the way into October. This year things were a little colder and winter has been no exception. I love the days when I can step out onto my patio and the air is the same temperature as my skin. It always feels like a warm hug from the sun.

In anticipation of the return of those days, which are a long way off, I'm posting my one winter piece. It is called Waiting for Spring and is inspired by a Hokusai woodblock print. The printed fabric in the center of the quilt is an adaptation of one of his winter scenes. This quilt also incorporates some beaded accents and several three-dimensional elements.

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