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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Olympics of Sewing

Our sunny spring weather that was here last week is gone again.  The cold and gray is back.  It has made me notice the birds who group together on power lines when the weather is unfriendly.  When one looks up at them, the reflection off the cold clouds makes the eye contract and not see detail  All that is apparent is the silhouette of the huddled birds.  It seems like such graphic simplicity, the gray on gray upon more gray.  So, this will be my second piece for the Bird's Eye View show.

Since all the birds and the street light are hand appliqued to the piece, I got to sit and enjoy the hand sewing while also taking in many of the Winter Olympic events.  Sometimes the sewing had to be put down in order to fully follow one competition or the other, so it could have come together faster.  Ir's hard to beat a chilly evening with a quilt on the lap, a sewing needle in hand and something worthwhile on television.  Oh, a hot cup of something close at hand completes the warm circle.  Now if it only counted as exercise, that would really be something!

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Jeanne Marklin said...

I like the way this piece is starting. Very haiku-like! It was great meeting you at the SAQA conference in San Francisco. Hope to see you again next year.