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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Back to Class

I'm gathering my supplies for the next three days.  it's back to drawing class with Hollis Chatelaine.  This is one of the exercises from the last day of last year's session, gesture drawing.  Hollis held a variety of poses from as short as 15 seconds to as long as a minute, no more.  We had to do fast sketches just to get the feel of the body in movement.  My 15 second sketches will never see the light of day.  30 seconds and more was good.  Here are some of my results.

This year our focus will be on portraiture.  This one could be our (my) biggest challenge yet.  If something in a face is "off" everyone sees it.  There's not a lot a wiggle room.  I'll post some of my results, but probably only the passable ones.

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