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Friday, February 17, 2012


Well, I came home from my class and came down with a bad cold.  So, no energy for posting until today.  Here's a sampling of my work.  Mostly good, some scary BAD.  

Above is a sketch of our first live model.  I wasn't sure how I would do, having barely ever sketched a face, much less from a live model.  This is Maris, our patient and generous "sitter".  I hope I didn't make her feel too unrecognizable.  Hey, I did good hair, right?  Nice ear?

This was homework Number 1.  A sketch from a sketch.

Sketch Number 2, again a sketch from a historical sketch.

Now lest you think I'm doing pretty good job, here's my self portrait.  Okay, keep the laughter to a lower level.  I think I will try this again sometime.  I don't think I usually look like someone ran over my favorite rose bush.

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