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Friday, June 1, 2012

Singer Hill Cafe

Well, finally!  Blogger was being fussy about adding photos the last couple times I tried to blog so I threw my hands up and walked away.  I decided to give it a shot again today since I really have not been sitting still.

This is a shot from a recent art opening for a show at the Singer Hill Cafe, an amazing place to hang out in Oregon City.  The show was organized by Mary Arnold (in white) for members of Columbia FiberArts Guild.  It is mainly comprised of art quilts but also has a few other fiber pieces included.  I have two pieces in the show.  One is the black & brown piece blowing in the wind behind the head of Sherry Olmstead, our CFG President.  The "famous" Bonnie Bucknam is in green.  She has the honor of winning Best of Show at Quilt National this year, 2012.  My second piece is at the very left of the photo, the white swirled piece.  Here are those two pieces with a full view of each.


Well, so much for that.  Blogger will not upload the image of my second piece.  Sometimes I think it must be me, but this time I'm pretty sure it's not.  Come on, Blogger, get your act together!

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