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Sunday, June 24, 2012

More Singer Hill Cafe

This is my second piece that was in the recent show.  It is titled Riding Down the Avalanche.  It was made as part of a divorce series that I did about 4 years ago.  This one is all strips of torn silks and a few sheer polyester fabrics.  Here's a detail shot.

The show has been taken down but I hope to be in a show again at this venue.  It is quite an interesting place.  It is in the historic part of Oregon City so, besides being an historic building itself, there are many more in the surrounding blocks.  

Besides being a cafe and gallery, its other claim to fame is the living walls created by the owner.  They are truly fascinating, especially if one is at all interested in gardening.  The variety and size of the plants is beyond the normal display of succulents that most folks use when planting on a vertical surface.  Here are some examples of the living art work, both outside and inside.

If you are in the area, stop in for a great cup of coffee, bakery treat or lunch.  It's especially nice in the summertime when they roll up the old saddlery doors, literally, and the outside becomes part of the inside.

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