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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Weather Outside is Frightful

We woke up to a light layer of snow on the ground this morning, with more pouring down.  The sky is dark, dark, and many of the neighbors have their outdoor Christmas lights turned on.  They glow so nicely in the morning gloom.  It made me want to stay in rather than head to the pool for my morning exercise, but out I went.

The weather also made me think about this quilt I finished some weeks (months?) back.  I guess I was anticipating the winter weather even then.  I call it Winter's Promise and it is larger than many of my recent pieces, about 40" by 52".  I'm guessing a little because it is currently not in my possession. It has been traveling to a couple of different show venues.  Too bad.  Today it should be hanging on my wall to match the scene outside. At the very bottom of the quilt there is the reminder that under the soil, Spring warmth and life are just waiting their turn to re-appear.

Here is a detail of the piece.  All the layers of the background are various fabrics showing, or suggesting, snow flakes.  It was fun to dig through my collection of winter themed fabrics to make this.  Now it's time to dig through my collection of blankets!

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