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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Threads of Spring Color

Spring.  Easter. A time of hope and renewal.  This season always feels a little bit like New Year's to me.  Everything is starting to look new and green and fresh.  Even the air smells like blossoms.  It becomes hard to chose between working in the garden or the studio on so many days.

Today I dyed the eggs for tomorrow's breakfast and dinner.  I used that little wax crayon in the PAS box and drew lines around each egg before I put them in the dye.  Then I remembered an idea I had put on my Pinterest board from the Martha Stewart web site.  The eggs were charming with just the white wax lines but MS always gives me even greater inspiration.  The idea was to wrap the eggs with thread.  Well, there's NO shortage of that in my house!  It really took the eggs from charming to stunning.

I even got fancier with two of the eggs,  I had a yellow and a pink that didn't come out so good, so I drew the wax lines over the color, rather than just the white egg, and put them into another color of dye.  You can see them better in this close-up.  The two-toned effect is pretty fun.  It will be hard to start cracking these open to eat.

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