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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Life Gets Busy

Often, try as I might, life chores and expectations get in the way of making art.  Every other artist I know struggles with this same thing.  In order to produce art, one has to move from all those left-brained activities over to calmness of the right brain.  It can't just be turned off and on.  I am currently working on a new piece, but it is coming along slowly, due to all those life chores.  I will post some pictures of it in progress but until then I decided it might be nice to post pictures of old work once in a while.  I have many pieces that were produced long before I started this blog. 

So, here's an oldie but, IMHO, a goodie.  This was sold several years ago and I still miss it.  It was one of my favorites.  It was made for an international challenge where we were each supposed to use a piece of money as our inspiration.  I chose the Canadian "Loonie".  I did not go for absolute realism.  I had a great stash of black and white fabrics that I thought would produce a whimsical looking bird.  After all, the loon has pretty dandy looking plumage.

This close up view shows how I pleated the houndstooth print before placing it on the back of the bird.  It was a fun piece to do.  It raveled to Japan and New Zealand, as well as several place here in the US.  

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