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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

A Color Runs Through It

Our show A Color Runs Through It opened last Friday evening with a nicely attended reception. The other four artists in the show with me are Georgia French, Diane English, Deb Sorem and Paulette Landers.  Each of us worked mainly with a specific color.  Georgia picked yellow, Diane picked purple, Deb had green and Paulette chose red.  My color was blue.  We also could use the color directly across the color wheel from our chosen color, plus black and white.  For me, that meant orange.  The image above is the third piece I made in the series and I called it Canyonlands.

Since I was supposed to be working mainly with blue, I thought Canyonlands leaned a little too far toward the orange shades.  So, I made this next piece called Moonrise.  Orange takes more of a back seat in this piece even though the moon itself is the focal point of the piece.  From a distance it does read blue.

My last piece in this series is Winter Solstice.  I love working with snow scenes.  It always makes me feel calm in the way that the world becomes hushed and quiet when a layer of fresh snow absorbs all sounds.  I like to experience the feel of the cold in the scene while working all snug and warm in my studio.

Here are some detail shots of the three quilts pictures above.

In my next post I will post pictures of the 5 smaller pieces I made at the gallery's request.  I am also going back to the gallery to take some pictures of the whole show.  I was so busy chatting at the opening, I forgot to take any pictures that evening!
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