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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

3 Days Left!

A Color Runs Through It ends on February 6 at the Maude Kerns Art Center.  It feels like a short month. I visited the show three times but the last time was the best.  I was there when it was quiet and I could really take the time to stop and study individual pieces.  I noticed texture and stitching details I hadn't seen until that day.  Everyone did such lovely work and I know they worked hard to have at least 10 pieces for the show.  Here's a mini tour in case you can't visit in person.

The image above is a selection of Deb Sorem's Green series.  Below are a few of Paulette Landers' Red pieces.

Diane English had Purple and Georgia French had Yellow.

This is a wonderful shot of my Blue pieces with friends.  Georgia is in the center.  There is also a long shot of my additional five pieces that are all 12 x 12 inches.

 I hope you were able to actually go and see our work because pictures can never capture all the details.  If not, maybe this mini tour was enjoyable, too.

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